JANUA - Echoes of the last Schism


Through monumental works by Dufay and his Byzantine contemporaries Chrysaphes and Plousiadenos,

JANUA takes you on a journey through a unique period, as short-lived as it is little-known: the last attempt to unite East and West in the 15th century.

With the voices of Ensemble Irini blending for the first time with medieval sackbut and trumpets, discover the musical treasures of this unparalleled explosion of life and creativity that saw artists and thinkers from both shores of the Mediterranean join forces in the hope of averting the downfall of a civilization.

"Every gate has two faces [...] I, the gatekeeper of the heavenly palace, examine the East and
the West at the same time." 

Janus with Two Faces, Ovid, The Fastes


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