Why become a patron?

Artistic sponsorship has existed since antiquity. It represents the power of citizens to seize culture as an asset, to take part in it, a bit like shareholders... with the difference that here, the objective is not to generate capital but beauty, emotion, a broader horizon. 

To be a patron, within one's means, is to take an active part in the dissemination of culture, to take possession of this strange and moving object and make it concrete. 


Being a patron also means sharing culture, because by giving, you are also giving for all those who do not have the means to benefit from it. Your donation benefits the artists, but also, at the end of the day, everyone, it is the principle of Culture as a common good; a bit like the water cycle, it is a symbiotic vision of Art, where the barriers between artists and public fall, where we are, you and us, part of the same ecosystem and need each other.

Sponsorship: how does it work?

In France, we are lucky enough to be able to decide to direct part of our taxes where we want them to go! This means that part of the energy that comes from the citizens and that makes society work can be directed by you, and channelled where you think it is important. So you have the power to shape part of this society through giving. 

Imagine, if everyone took culture as a common good, investing part of their taxes in it, do you think the state would consider us "non-essential" again? 

Donation can therefore be a civic act and a civic expression, a way for everyone to shape our society according to their ideals. 

66% of the amount of your donation, whatever the amount, is deducted from your taxes. *

Example: a monthly donation of €10, i.e. €120 per year, represents a tax deduction of €79.2. Your donation of 120€ over a year only costs you 40.8€ (i.e. 3.4€ per month!) 

(*With a limit of 20% of taxable income, with a possible carry-over period of 5 years)

Humanum Est is our legal structure and it is through this association that we receive your donations. 

Since 8 February 2022 it has been recognised as an organisation of general interest by the French State

This adds a guarantee of security and transparency to your donations and their tax exemption.



I want to become a patron of the Irini Ensemble !

This is possible in a safe and fast way thanks to Crédit Mutuel, our banking organisation which has set up the PAY ASSO platform which allows a 100% secure payment .


Once your donation has been registered, you will receive a kind word from us and a tax receipt allowing you to deduct 66% of your donation from your taxes


Then we add your name to our list of wonderful patrons and you receive exclusive content, previews, invitations, and lots of gratitude .

Ensemble Irini thanks for their exceptional support :

EURYDICE Foundation

Sophie de Ségur

Patrick Pouilliart

Luc Dessirier

Loïc Picard

Matthieu Frambourg

Philippe Dauguet & Fabienne Paul

Alexandre Van Der Yeught

Xabi Hernandorena & Catherine Bertrand

David Theodorides

Marc Bernard

Jean-Michel Vernassa

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